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The College of Science and Engineering is in the race for discovery with research programs including the premier Geographic Information Sciences program in the country, the innovative Plasma Engineering Research Lab and a nationally certified Computer Science program.

As one of the foremost institutions for coastal, marine and environmental research, the college is home to the Center for Coastal Studies and its nine different areas of research. The University is also home to the world-renowned Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.

The Conrad Blucher Institute is the nation’s leading endowed institute engaged in innovative geospatial surveying engineering research.

From cyber-security to lunar robotics, from underwater exploration to the development of unmanned aerial technologies, our commitment to science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers is unparalleled.

» Biology, MS

» Chemistry, MS

» Coastal & Marine System Science, MS & Ph.D.

» Computer Science, MS

» Environmental Science, MS

» Fisheries & Mariculture, MS

» Geospatial Computer Science, Ph.D.

» Geospatial Systems Engineering, MS

» Marine Biology, MS & Ph.D.

» Mathematics, MS