Minor Areas of Study

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

MSN Students are not required to earn a minor but can if they want to pursue knowledge in an area other than their main MSN specialty area. Adding a minor may extend a students enrollment in the MSN program since the courses are only offered during certain semesters.

Another option to gain knowledge in another MSN specialty area is the Post-Master's Certificate.

Students should work with the Graduate Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator to create a degree plan before taking these courses.

Required Courses

Nursing Administration Minor

NURS 5360 - Health Care Financial Management 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 5362 - Leadership Theories in Nursing Practice 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 5364 - Organizational Design and Behavior in Nursing Practice Environments 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 5365 - Quality and Outcomes Management 3 sem. hrs.

Nursing Education Minor

NURS 5352 - Nursing Curriculum Planning, Development, and Evaluation 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 5353 - Theory and Concepts for the Nurse Educator 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 5354 - Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation in Nursing 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 5459 - Education Practicum for the Nurse Educator 4 sem. hrs.

The education minor meets the curricular requirements for students to sit for the National League of Nursing Certified Nurse Educator Certification Examination certification@nln.org.