Counseling Spanish Speaking Clients Certificate

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Counseling Spanish Speaking Clients (15 hours)

The Graduate Certification Program addresses the critical shortage of trained professional counselors who serve the mental health needs of the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino population. The certificate is designed for professional counselors to gain knowledge to conduct counseling sessions in Spanish.  The coursework includes three online courses and two community internship experiences with online supervision.

Domestic Students:

Fall Spring  Summer I  Summer II 
TBD Dec 31 May 24 June 17

International Students:

Fall Spring  Summer I  Summer II 
TBD Dec 17 May 24 June 17

Application requirements

Complete Application for Admission:
  • Apply for Admission via Apply Texas Application
  • An applicant may defer admission to an earlier/later semester. Applications are valid for one year. One deferral is allowed per application.
Application fee:
  • $50 for US citizen, $70 for International Students

Please Note: Applicants who wish to apply for a different program will be required to submit a new application. The application processing fee is required for each application submitted.


Requirements specific to this program :

  • Must hold a master's degree in counseling or currently be in the final semester of a master's counseling program

Certificate Requirements: 15 Semester Credit Hours

Online courses:

  • CNEP 5329 - Cultural Immersion: Diversity of Spanish Speakers 3 sem. hrs.
  • CNEP 5330 - Professional and Technical Spanish 3 sem. hrs.
  • CNEP 5331 - Strategies and Interventions for Spanish-Speaking Clients 3 sem. hrs.

Internship courses:

(Requiring 50 direct client hours each)

  • CNEP 5397 - Practicum 3 sem. hrs.
  • CNEP 6395 - Doctoral Practicum 3 sem. hrs.
Students who have an opportunity to travel may take the CNEP 5329 Cultural Immersion: Diversity of Spanish Speakers and CNEP 5397 or CNEP 6395 courses in a study abroad format in a Spanish-speaking country when offered.

For applicants:

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