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TA/RA Waiver

Request for In-state Tuition

Please submit this waiver request AFTER you have registered for classes in the term in which you are requesting a waiver

Identifying information
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  I have previously submitted a Research/Teaching Assistant Waiver form to the Graduate Office ( or later)
  I certify that my assistantship appointment remains the same as the Fall/Spring semester (same employer and title, 50% effort or 20 hours per week, etc.)
  My employment will be effective before the 12th class day of a long semester or the 4th class day of the summer semester
  I understand that the full waiver request form needs to be completed once per academic year (typically in the Fall), and the online approval process will be used in other semesters.
  I understand that if, upon audit, I am found not qualified for resident tuition, I will be charged non-resident tuition and I agree to pay, upon demand, any additional tuition and fees which may be charged. I also understand that failure to pay may result in additional collection costs.


NOTE: For applicants applying for a TA/RA waiver in the Fall semester (the beginning of a new academic year), the original Teaching/Research Assistant Waiver form will need to be completed and signed by required faculty.

NOTE: Please do not submit this form if you are not yet enrolled in at least 6 Graduate hours for the Spring semester (9 Graduate hours for S&E) or at least 3 Graduate hours for the Summer semester.

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