Mathematics, M.S.

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College of Science & Engineering

Mathematics, M.S.

Prepares students for careers in education, science and industry, and serves the community by providing expertise to local schools, coastal industries and research centers. Students pursuing this degree will choose between the Applied & Computational Mathematics and the Curriculum Content option. The Applied and Computational Mathematics option will especially benefit individuals employed in scientific or technical fields seeking advancement or additional training to enhance their knowledge and skills, or those preparing for a career in higher education instruction or building a foundation for doctoral studies in a mathematical field. The Curriculum Content option specifically addresses the needs of secondary teachers wishing to enhance their skills in learning, teaching and understanding mathematics.

Domestic Students:

Fall Spring  Summer I  Summer II 
July 15 November 15 April 15 May 15

International Students:

Fall      Spring  Summer I  Summer II 
May 1 October 31 February 1 February 1

Application requirements

Complete Application for Admission:
  • Apply for Admission via Apply Texas Application
  • An applicant may defer admission to an earlier/later semester. Applications are valid for one year. One deferral is allowed per application.
Application fee:
  • $50 for US citizen, $70 for International Students

Please Note: Applicants who wish to apply for a different program will be required to submit a new application. The application processing fee is required for each application submitted.


Application requirements specific to this program :

  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate course work taken at any accredited college or University attended (Foreign College credits/transcripts require an official foreign evaluation. Please click here).  TAMU-CC transcript is not required.
  • Essay (Approximately 300-500 words in length which includes educational and professional goals, pertinent work and undergraduate experience, and other factors relating to the chosen option for graduate study
  • One or more letters of recommendation may be submitted to strengthen the application. 

*Please allow 3-5 business days to receive Student ID before submitting additional supporting documents.

Submit all supporting documents online.

Additional International Applicant Requirements

Application requirements for international applicants:

  • Copy of current Visa (if applicable)
  • English Language Proficiency. TAMUCC currently accepts the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) within the last 2 years  :
    • Official TOEFL score minimum paper-based score of 550 or internet-based score of 79-80
    • Official IELTS score minimum 6.5

*Degree plan below is for students admitted during the 2016-2017 catalog year. Visit the 2016-2017 catalog online

Degree Plan - Applied and Computational Track

  • MATH 5333 - Numerical Linear Algebra 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5336 - Advanced Differential Equations 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5339 - Numerical Analysis 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5351 - Real Analysis 3 sem. hrs.
(Choose 5)
  • MATH 5343 - Mathematical Theory of Statistics 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5344 - Spatial Statistics 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5360 - Combinatorics and Graph Theory 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5375 - Applied Analysis 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5337 - Theory and Applications of Partial Differential Equations 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5342 - Linear Statistical Models 3 sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5348 - Optimization 3 sem. hrs.
  • Other courses with Department Chair Approval

 Research/ Thesis 

  • MATH 5993 - Literature Review and Research
  • MATH 5994 - Proposal Research
  • MATH 5995 - Thesis

Degree Plan - Curriculum Content Track

  • MATH 5325 - Structure of Number Concepts sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5326 - Structure of Patterns and Algebra sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5327 - Structure of Geometry and Measurement sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5328 - Structure of Probability and Statistics sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5329 - Structure of Modeling with Rates of Change sem. hrs.
(Choose 4)
  • MATH 5321 - Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning for Teachers sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5322 - Mathematics Assessment sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5323 - Mathematics instruction and Mentoring sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5324 - Principles of Reforming Mathematics Instruction sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5331 - Evolution of Mathematical Systems sem. hrs.
  • MATH 5332 - Integrating Technology in Mathematics Education sem. hrs.
  • Other courses with Department Chair Approval

Research and 
Thesis or Project

  • MATH 5993 - Literature Review and Research
  • MATH 5994 - Proposal Research
  • MATH 5995 - Thesis, or MATH 5997 - Project
For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the Business Office's website.
Teaching Assistantships, graduate research assistantships, fellowships, or scholarships may be available to graduate students admitted as degree-seeking students who maintain full time graduate student status (9 hours/fall and spring semesters, and 3 hours/summer). The completed Teaching Assistant Application ( and all other materials requested for evaluation should be submitted to the office indicated on that form. For full consideration, the deadline for submitting applications is February 1 for the following academic year. Faculty members conducting funded research projects often hire qualified graduate students as Research Assistants. Students should contact faculty members in their field of interest for information on these opportunities. Summer funding (3 mos.) is the responsibility of major advisor and/or student, and should be discussed early in the academic year.

Additional Information

  • Persons seeking admission to the program should first contact the program faculty and identify a faculty member, or members, willing to serve as the graduate supervisor, and the applicant must include a summary of their discussions with faculty members in their essay. Applicants will not be admitted to the program without a graduate supervisor. Faculty profiles are found at the program website:
  • If you would like to learn more about the Mathematics Program, please visit the Program website found at:
  • If you'd like to learn more about the College of Science and Engineering, please visit the College website.

Contact for More Information:

Dr. Alexey Sadovski

6300 Ocean Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5825
Office: 361-825-2724