RN-Bridge Entry Options

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

RNs who have earned an AD in Nursing and a BS degree in another discipline can enroll in the RN-Bridge program. RNs with an earned AD degree and no additional education can complete the MSN program through the RN-MSN option. You will not earn a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). After you complete the required undergraduate courses listed below you will start the graduate level courses.

Deadlines vary by MSN specialty. Click on the links below for specific deadlines.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Leadership in Nursing Systems

Nurse Educator

Application requirements

Complete Application for Admission:
  • Apply for Admission via Apply Texas Application
  • An applicant may defer admission to an earlier/later semester. Applications are valid for one year. One deferral is allowed per application.
Application fee:
  • $50 for US citizen, $70 for International Students

Please Note: Applicants who wish to apply for a different program will be required to submit a new application. The application processing fee is required for each application submitted.


Application requirements specific to this program :

  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate course work taken at any accredited college or University attended (International applicants will be required to submit relevant International transcripts)
  • Complete the CONHS GRADUATE Form
  • Three letters of recommendation CONHS Reference Form
  • Submit a copy of a current valid unencumbered Texas Nursing License

*Please allow 3-5 business days to receive Student ID before submitting additional supporting documents.

Submit all supporting documents online.

Special Program Requirements
  • Upon admission to the College, complete a criminal background check.
  • Complete a five panel non-chain of custody urine drug screen.
  • Purchase professional liability coverage through the University. Fees for this coverage are included in the fees paid at the time of registration at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Meet Texas Department of State Health Services immunization requirements for students involved with direct patient contact. Students who are not in compliance with these requirements will not be allowed to attend clinical laboratories. These requirements, as stated in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97, Subchapter B, Rule 97.64 include the following:

a)Students may be provisionally enrolled for up to one semester to allow students to attend classes while obtaining the required vaccines and acceptable evidence of vaccination.

b)Students cannot be provisionally enrolled without at least one dose of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine if direct patient contact will occur during the provisional enrollment period.

c)Polio vaccine is not required. Students enrolled in health-related courses are encouraged to ascertain that they are immune to poliomyelitis.

d)One dose of tetanus-diphtheria toxoid (Td) is required within the last ten years.

e)Students who were born on or after January 1, 1957, must show, prior to patient contact, acceptable evidence of vaccination of two doses of measles-containing vaccine administered since January 1, 1968.

f)Students must show, prior to patient contact, acceptable evidence of vaccination of one dose of rubella vaccine.

g)Students born on or after January 1, 1957, must show, prior to patient contact, acceptable evidence of vaccination of one dose of mumps vaccine.

h)Students shall receive a complete series of hepatitis B vaccine prior to the start of direct patient care or show serologic confirmation of immunity to hepatitis B virus.

i)Students shall receive two doses of varicella vaccine unless the first dose was received prior to thirteen years of age.

  • Complete of a series of hepatitis A vaccine or serologic confirmation of immunity to hepatitis A virus before enrollment in courses with clinical laboratory experiences.
  • Provide results of tuberculosis screening annually.
  • Hold a Current American Heart Association CPR Type C certification.

Degree Plan


Note: These courses are at the undergraduate level and you will be considered Full-Time due to the credit hours for these courses.

Year 1


NURS 3435- Health Assessment (4 credit hours/ skills demonstration required)

NURS 4318- Nurse as Research Consumer (3 credit hours)


NURS 4560- Community (5 credit hours/ 45 hours of practicum experiences)

NURS 4671- Leadership (6 credit hours/ practicum or special project in clinical setting)

Year 2


Begin Family Nurse Practitioner, Leadership in Nursing Systems, or Nurse Educator Courses

Transfer Coursework:
The CONHS Graduate Department may accept up to 12 graduate hours for transfer provided that the coursework:

1. Is from an accredited University

2. has a letter grade of B or better (no CR/NC or Pass/ No Pass)

3. has been completed in less than 7 years from the time of graduation in the TAMUCC program

4. has not been used on a conferred master's degree at another institution

Please correspond with CONHS Graduate Academic Advisor to determine transfer credit. The courses must be evaluated for possible transfer equivalency, so transcripts, course descriptions, and syllabi are essential to determine possible transfer credit. These need to be sent to the CONHS Graduate Advisor for consideration.
For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the Business Office's website.

More Information Below

All materials, including applications, transcripts, graduate form, and 3 reference forms must be received by the College of Graduate Studies by the application deadline. Please allow time for transcript processing, which can take up to two weeks.
Applicants whose documents are not received by the College of Graduate Studies by the posted date will not be considered for admission.

Please carefully review the application requirements above. If you have questions, please call or e-mail the Graduate Academic Advisor. Students who have applied for admission in previous semesters should contact the Graduate Academic Advisor to confirm documents are still available for the admissions review.

If you'd like to learn more about the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, please visit our website.

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