Joey Reustle

Graduate Research Assistant


Joey was recently awarded the National Sciences Foundation Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship spans five years, three of which cover tuition, research funding, and a personal stipend. In addition, professional development opportunities are offered in order to provide the necessary resources for obtaining a future position as a professor at the University level. Joey received the fellowship based on demonstrated potential to contribute to Science, as well as a demonstrated focus on utilizing his research to promote the STEM sciences within underrepresented populations.

Joey’s research examines the host-parasite dynamics of a parasite that infects and castrates blue crabs in the Gulf of Mexico. The parasite, an extremely specialized barnacle, is thought to be a substantial source of juvenile mortality for the economically and ecologically important blue crab. In particular, Joey is interested in the ability of this parasite to “sniff out” and attach to its highly transient host. Additionally, Joey is studying how turbidity influences oyster reef and seagrass bed communities.

As a Native American Ph.D. student in Marine Biology, Joey is the Vice President for the TAMUCC SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Sciences) chapter. SACNAS is always seeking out new members. If interested in joining, please contact Joey at