Graduate Council

Purpose: To consider all matters relating to graduate programs at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and to recommend practices and policies that enhance the quality of A&M-CC graduate programs.

Function: The Graduate Council serves as the advisory body to the Graduate Dean. The Graduate Council reviews and evaluates the admissions policies and processes, curriculum and program requirements, academic standards, grading policies and practices, academic advising, orientation, faculty qualifications and productivity, library and learning resources, computer and laboratory facilities and other issues relating specifically to graduate education at the University. The Council assists the Graduate Dean in reviewing the content of the Graduate Catalog.

This Council also reviews new graduate programs being considered by the University once the college initiating the proposal has approved them. Once approved by the Council, the proposal will continue through the regular approval process (i.e., the Faculty Senate, the Provost's Council, and the President.)

The Graduate Council also considers strategic directions that the University should pursue regarding graduate education and assists in the formulation of marketing, scholarship, recruiting, and program development objectives needed to achieve the institution's graduate education goals.

By April 1 of each year, the Graduate Council will submit its formal recommendations regarding graduate education to the College Deans' Council and the Faculty Senate for consideration.

Bylaws of the Graduate Council

Chair: Elected by Graduate Council Members

Membership: Regular members: three tenured or tenure-track graduate faculty members from each college who are elected by the graduate faculty of the college. Ex-officio members (non-voting): the Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, a representative elected by the Faculty Senate, and a senior leadership member of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library appointed by the Dean of Libraries.

Membership List: FISCAL YEAR 2020, September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020
Graduate Council Membership List
College of Graduate Studies
   Dr. Marvarene Oliver (Associate Dean, non-voting)
Term Ends
College of Business:
   Dr. A. N. M. Waheeduzaman 08/20
   Dr. Joseph Mollick 08/21
   Dr. David Zhang 08/22
College of Education and Human Development:
    Dr. Faye Bruun — Chair 08/20
    Dr. Michelle Hollenbaugh 08/21
    Dr. Mikaela Boham 08/22
College of Liberal Arts:
   Prof Leticia Bajuyo  08/20
   Dr. Charles “Chuck” Etheridge (effective 1.2.20) 08/21
   Dr. Beth Rauhaus 08/22
College of Nursing:
   Dr. Pam Greene 08/20
   Dr. Christina Murphey 08/21
   Dr. Adrienne Platt 08/22
College of Science and Engineering:         
   Dr. Chris Bird 08/20
   Dr. Kim Withers 08/21
   Dr. Xinping Hu 08/22
Ex Officio Members (non-voting)
   Dr. Catherine Rudowsky (Library)
   Dr. Marvarene Oliver, Associate Dean, CGS

Tentative Future Meeting Dates:



           January 10

           February 14

           March 14

           April 11

           May 9

All meetings are held from 01:00 to 03:00 p.m. in LIB-208.

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